Least Stressful Airports in Europe

16 Feb 21

A passenger friendly airport can offer great relief for travellers, particularly when airports are equipped with ways to make waiting times between flights as enjoyable as possible. Let’s take a look at the least stressful airports that Europe has to offer.


Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, Netherlands (AMH)

If you ever have a long delay at an airport, you’d be wishing it was at Amsterdam Schiphol International. This airport is one of the best in Europe for providing passengers with a variety of sleeping options from comfortable chairs, couches and even makeshift beds. Comfortability of passengers is a top priority at this airport, and there have been many facilities implemented to ensure a stress free experience for all. These facilities include a museum, rooftop arcade and library, there’s something for every type of traveller available. 


The sheer size of this airport can be very intimidating to even the most experienced traveller, however you should be relieved to know that this airport is extremely efficient and easy to navigate around. With plenty of check-in stations and useful signage to ensure passengers do not get overwhelmed while passing through.  


London Heathrow Airport, England (LHR)

Heathrow is undoubtedly one of the best airports in Europe. With quick luggage drop offs, efficient security checks and helpful staff, there more you could want for a stress free airport experience. Despite flights from Heathrow not running 24/7, the airport is always open. This ensures that passengers who have experienced cancellations or delays, offering overnight accommodation options for a variety of budgets.


But the airport doesn’t stop there when it comes to offering passengers the best experience before their flight. There’s a variety of facilities available for every type of passenger to use including prayer rooms, a family play area and even a spa.


Munich Airport, Germany (MUC)

When it comes to organisation, Munich Airport is one of the best on the continent. Boasting a well organised and intuitive design to ensure the shortest time possible to reach your boarding gate, making it ideal for reducing passenger stress. 


If you’ve got a layover, delay or just decided to arrive extra early to this airport don’t worry there’s plenty of amenities and facilities to help pass the time. In fact, this airport contains a playground, mini golf course and a heritage aircraft to keep passengers entertained. Additionally, this airport is well known for its excellent high-tech sleeping cabins ‘NapCabs’, that offer passengers a quiet space to sleep, work or hang out away from the busy airport. 


Zurich Airport, Switzerland (ZRC)

Located just 10 minutes away from the heart of the capital, Zurich airport is the biggest international airport in the country. The airport has a calm and comfortable atmosphere making it a great place to be travelling through. Zurich Airport has some of the fastest customs between connections, and has been praised for having very few delays and cooperative staff. 


In the case of delays, the airport offers a wide range of facilities to keep passengers entertained including an outdoor observation deck, bicycle and inline skates rental and a huge selection of chocolate stores. Additionally, this airport is great for those travelling with children, it recognises that travelling with children can add an extra element of stress to passengers journeys. That’s why the Zurich airport offers a ‘Family Service’ room where children can play, relax and sleep away from the busy airport. 

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