Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Passenger compensation for delayed flights

A delay of over 3 hours entitles you to a claim for cash compensation on flights covered by the EC 261 EU law. Exactly how much compensation you are entitled to is dependent on your flight distance and by how much time your flight was delayed.

If your flight was 1,500km or less and delayed by 3 or more hours, you are entitled to €250 compensation.

If your flight was EU internal and over 1,500km and delayed by 3 or more hours, you are entitled to €400 compensation.

If your flight was non-internal EU and between 1,500km and 3,500 km and delayed by 3 or more hours, you are entitled to €400 compensation.

If your flight was non-internal EU over 3,500km and delayed by 3 to 4 hours, you are entitled to €300 compensation.

If your flight was non-internal EU over 3,500km and delayed by over 4 hours, or never arrived at all, you are entitled to €600 compensation.

Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Regulations for delayed flights

Europe has strongly established regulations concerning the rights of passengers. The EC 261 EU law states you can claim flight delay compensation under the following circumstances:

Your plane arrived at its final destination later than 3 hours past its scheduled time of arrival.

You checked in for your delayed flight no less than 45 minutes before its departure time.

No more than 6 years have passed since the delayed flight.

The airline is fully responsible for the flight delay.

The flight departed from an EU country or departed with an EU carrier.

Please note:  You can claim compensation if you’re travelling with an EU/UK carrier departing from a non EU country e.g America to France with British Airways.

Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Filing your claim for a delayed flight

If you find out that your flight has been delayed, taking the following simple steps will ensure you receive any compensation owed to you:

Keep hold of your travel documents, especially your boarding pass.

Ask the airline representative why your flight was subject to delay, making a note of their name.

Collect evidence of the delay in the form of photographs of the board displaying departures, and any messages from the airline which confirm the delay.

Note down your actual arrival time at your destination and request that the airline pay for both your refreshments and meals but don’t accept any offers or sign anything that could waive your right to claim compensation. If the delay costs you additional money, ensure you keep your receipts.

If your delayed flight is over 5 hours, you can choose to either call time on it or wait out. If necessary, request that the airline arrange a hotel room for you.

Flight Delay Compensation Claim

Flight delays happen, as annoying as they you have the silver lining of being able to claim up to €600 per passenger, per flight delay! This page will allow you to check if your flight delay claim is valid and also provides information on your rights and flight delays.

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Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Additional rights

The EC 261 EU law states passengers suffering a delay are entitled to accommodation, refreshments and food depending on the details of your flight and its disruption. Passengers also have the right to 2 telephone calls, emails or faxes. Should it be required, an overnight stay in a hotel must be provided by the airline, as well as transportation to and from the airport.

If a flight delay is longer than 5 hours, passengers are entitled to a partial or full refund and a return flight back to the origin of your departure if required.

Should you be offered a different flight and benefit from a ticket upgrade, the airline is not allowed to charge you for this. However, should your ticket be downgraded on the alternate flight, you can be reimbursed for a percentage of the original price you paid.

Flight compensation and cash vouchers

Always check that any travel vouchers offered by the airline don’t waive your rights to put in a flight delay claim before you accept them. The EC 261 EU law states that compensation must be paid by either by electronic transfer, cheques or cash unless the passenger specifically chooses a travel voucher for an alternative flight instead.

Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Help is at hand with Flight Patrol


Not surprisingly, airlines generally don’t make the claiming process straightforward. While you can apply for compensation yourself, the forms can be difficult to find and just who to contact in regards to your claim is not always made clear. If you succeed in contacting the airline and they receive your application for compensation, there is every chance they may refute it and decline payment. In many reported cases, airlines bear a reputation when it comes to claims of not responding.

If you want to claim compensation for a delayed flight, the process can be made simpler by accepting the assistance of Flight Patrol. From the initial paperwork, through the process of recovery, up until the completion of your case, we will fight your position – saving you time and energy.

To start, simply fill in our online application providing us with all the important details of your delay. It only takes a few minutes, then we’ll take charge of your case, contacting the airline on your behalf and making sure you receive the money due to you.

As soon as we have your compensation, we will be in contact. For all successful claims, we apply a service fee of 25% plus VAT of the compensation value, plus an additional admin fee of £25 per passenger.

So, why not complete our form and begin your claim today?

Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Claim Compensation for a Delayed Flight

Unfortunately, travelling by air doesn’t always go to plan and delayed flights can occur. However, the EU law EC 261 states that if you have been a passenger on a delayed flight, you may be entitled to claim up to €600 in compensation for your flight delay.

You are entitled to compensation if;

  • the delay is as a result of the airline i.e. not due to circumstances out their control 
  • You arrive at your destination 3 hours or more later than you should have done 

You can learn about your air passenger rights and how to claim compensation for a delayed flight in the following sections: