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Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Some journeys need more than a single flight to reach their final destination. Unfortunately, air travel doesn’t always run smoothly and a disruption to part of the trip can create a knock-on effect. EU Regulation 261 and UK equivalent, however, state that if you are a passenger who missed their connecting flight, you may be entitled to claim up to €600 in compensation.

At Flight Patrol, it’s our opinion that if you’ve endured the misfortune of missing a connecting flight, you should be compensated. It’s our aim to make sure every airline passenger who misses a connecting flight is aware of their rights and what they deserve in terms of compensation. To make matters easier, our team of professionals will expedite your claim for compensation, handling all contact with the airline companies and making your reimbursement as speedy and stress-free as possible.

You can find out more about your air passenger rights and how to claim compensation for a missed connecting flight in the below sections:

Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Regulations for missing connecting flights

Europe and the UK have regulations in place concerning airline passenger rights. EU Regulation 261  and UK equivalent dictate you can file for compensation in the following circumstances:

Your scheduled flight lands later than 3 hours past its scheduled time of arrival at your final destination

Your missed connection was a result of a flight being cancelled

Your missed connection was a result of you being denied boarding to a flight through no fault of your own

The airline is fully responsible for your missed connection

This is provided the flight took off from the UK or an EU based country (applies to any airline).

Eg: If you had a flight from Manchester (MAN) – Johannesburg (JNB) via  Dubai (DXB) (with Emirates) and the flight from DXB -JNB was cancelled – many clients believe that this a missed connection as they weren’t able to board their connection. However, it has to be the first leg of the flight that was disrupted (MAN – DXB) as the 2nd leg is non EU.

Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Circumstances when you can’t claim for compensation

While most airline passengers are eligible for compensation, there are some exceptions. Travellers who are flying either without charge, or at an air fare which is reduced and unavailable to the public, will not meet the criteria for compensation on missing connections.

There is also what is referred to as “extraordinary circumstances” where you will be unable to file for compensation. If the delay or cancellation that causes you to miss your connecting flight is caused by incidents beyond the airline company’s control, you will not be entitled to make a claim. Such circumstances include instances including extreme weather such as lightning, technical malfunctions at a manufacture level or acts of terrorism.

Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Passenger compensation for missed connections

To claim for a missed flight due to a connection issue, you must have purchased all travel tickets as part of a single reservation, the airline carrier must be responsible and your flight must be covered by EU Regulation 261 and UK equivalent. If all 3 of these criteria are met, you are entitled to claim for compensation, but exactly how much compensation you are eligible for depends on your flight distance.

If your flight was 1,500km or less you are entitled to up to €250 compensation

If your flight was between 1,500km and 3,500km, you can claim a maximum of €400 compensation

If your flight was over 3,500km, you are entitled to claim for as much as €600 compensation

Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Steps to take immediately if you miss your connection

First and foremost, stay calm, and get booked on a new flight as soon as possible. Talk to your airline carrier, or if the line at the counter is long, call them instead – this might speed matters up and reduce your stress. If the airline can’t locate an alternative flight for you, you can book a new flight yourself, but keep hold of your receipt. If the airline company is at fault as detailed above, they must reimburse you for the expense.

If you choose, you can request a refund and a return flight to your airport of origin. This is on the condition that the airline can’t supply you with a suitable alternative or that the flight it offered fails to meet your requirements – for example, your journey may be time sensitive. It is the obligation of the airline to supply your substitute flight for no charge.

Make sure you keep all your travel documents for the missed connection and get confirmation of the exact reason for the disruption that caused the situation you are in. Ask the airline why the flight you were booked on was cancelled, delayed or if you were denied boarding, a reason for why that was. This will be crucial to gaining compensation for your missed connecting flight.


Additional rights for passengers missing connecting flights

EU Regulation 261 and UK equivalent state passengers suffering a delay of more than 2 hours due to missing a connecting flight are entitled to both refreshments and food depending on the details of their flight and the circumstances for the flight disruption. Airline companies are obliged to offer their passengers the right to 2 telephone calls as well as use of the internet. If it is necessary, the airline must also deliver overnight accommodation in a hotel, including transportation to and from the airport as required.

Claim Compensation for your delayed or cancelled fight

Let Flight Patrol help

While you can undergo the complicated claim process by yourself, the forms alone can be tricky to track down and precisely where to send your application is not always easy to ascertain. If you do succeed in contacting the airline company, there is still a chance it may be less than forthcoming with your missed connecting flight compensation.

Making a claim can be simplified by accepting expert help in compensation claims from us at Flight Patrol. From start to finish, we’ll navigate the minefield of gaining recompense for your missed connection until we have the sum owed to you.

You can begin by sending us all the details of your experience via our online application. We’ll then take charge of your case and deal with the airline carrier on your behalf. We’ll ensure you receive the exact quantity of compensation you qualify for, and when we are successful, we’ll contact you to transfer your money directly. It’s important to note that for every successful claim, we charge a 25% service free plus VAT of the compensation value, plus an additional £25 admin fee per passenger.