UK Government plans for Domestic Travel compensation

01 Mar 22


You may, or may not, have heard of EU261.  EU261 is the European directive that entitles air travellers to the compensation for delays and cancellations that Flight Patrol fights so hard for on your behalf.

What no one can have missed is that the UK has now left the EU.  Brexit has happened.  So what has happened to EU261?

Without worrying about the details, the good news is that EU261 was taken into UK law.  Sometimes referred to as UK261, that means the same rules and exactly the same compensation levels apply as before.

Some of that may be about to change and the UK Government has issued proposals for consultation. 

So what are they proposing?

What might change?

There is no proposal to change the rules on international flights – they will stay as they have been.  You can still claim up to the equivalent of 600 Euros, depending on the circumstances of the flight.

The proposal relates mainly to domestic flights within the UK and has two objectives :

  • To compensate travellers for shorter delays – the proposal is that 1 hour will be the minimum threshold
  • To change compensation amounts for domestic flights to be related to the price of the ticket – 100% compensation for a delay of 3 hours, but lower amounts for 1 and 2-hour delays.

When might the changes take place?

The consultation period lasts until the end of March, after which proposals would need to be amended and formally adopted, so change is not imminent.

What does it mean for travellers?

We think it’s good news.  No change to the rules for international flights, but compensation for domestic flights that starts at just 1 hour delay.  The amounts are lower, but compensation for domestic flights related to the price of the ticket seems fair – it’s what we would expect from a train journey.

Whatever the new rules, Flight Patrol will be there to help you get the compensation you are entitled to, whilst you enjoy travelling again.  More travel, less hassle !

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