Top 10 Travel Tips to Make your Holiday a Breeze

28 Jul 20

Top 10 Travel Tips to Make your Holiday a Breeze


As an experienced traveller, I can tell you that each time you get on a plane or go on holiday you always pick up new little tricks that not only make your future flight easier but also save you money and lessen any potential stress factors. 

Here are some of my favourite tips for making your holiday a breeze:


1.Mix the packing

If you have ever been given airline replacement clothes you will definitely agree with this first tip: Mix your luggage with your family or friends luggage. That way, if someone’s suitcase goes missing, you’ll still have enough clothes to keep you covered for a few days.


2. Bring a water bottle

This isn’t just the more environmentally friendly option but It’s also much cheaper. As most of us know, you can’t take water through security. But, empty water bottles are no problem. So come prepared and fill up at a water refill spot (usually near the bathrooms). You can always ask at a café if you can’t find anywhere. Water is usually very expensive in duty free so save your money for your holiday and make the more sustainable choice.


3. Pack a teabag or two. Trust me

This is one for all the tea lovers out there. Tea is different in every country, and I for one tend to miss a good British cuppa when I’m gallivanting across the globe. Last year when travelling through China, I discovered that most airports in the far East not only have water bottle refill points but, they also provide boiling water for free. Believe me, I was not the only westerner staring in jealousy at the clever locals bringing out their teabags and making a nice strong cuppa. Bring tea bags and you can not only make your favourite tea exactly how you like while on the plane, but it will help you get through some painfully long connecting waits.


4. Ask your bartender

Often info centres, tourist websites and hotel receptionists are told what places, restaurants or experiences to push on visitors. Sometimes it works out great, and sometimes it’s crowded, sweaty and expensive. A great way to make your trip more local and a lot more fun is to ask your bartender. Asking a local usually produces the better and cheaper places to go to and leads to a lot more fun.


 5. Send your plans to someone staying home.

This is a great way to keep safe and make sure no one needs to worry about you. If anything happens, whether it’s a flight cancellation or your suitcase where you left your hotel details is lost. Leave your itinerary with all your flight bookings, hotel information, visa details, passport photocopy etc. so that if anything at all goes missing you have someone you can get in contact with and they can help you out from home. This is an especially hot tip for solo travellers and can help stop your family worrying about you.


6. Separate your money

Things go missing all the time when we travel. It’s normal and happens to all of us, however losing some things is worse than others. Don’t keep your usual wallet with all your cards and cash in one place. And definitely don’t keep them stored in your phone case. Separate your cash, cards and phone into different places. If something goes missing or is stolen you’ll have enough left to sort it out.


7. Pack lotion or cream

Flights are extremely drying and dehydrating. Unless you want to look like a shrivelled prune: Pack the appropriate size lotion in your carry on. It’s even better if it has SPF as the UV rays so far up in the sky are incredibly strong and damaging to your skin. Oh, and remember your lip balm too!


8. Bring printouts of all your travel plans.

Yes, it is tedious and it feels like we are living in an age where everything can just be on our phone. But if you run out of battery, your phone is lost or stolen having paper copies of your hotel booking can save a lot of stress and worry.


9. Keep a flexible list

No one ever likes the person who has a strict list of things to do, no matter how helpful they are trying to be. That being said, keeping a list of things you want to do is a good way to actually remember all the things you say you’ll remember but never do. Just make sure you treat it as a guide rather and is flexible to change. More of a rough idea of the sights and places you want to go. That way you’ll go to the places you really want and also know when a day at the beach is better.


10. Let Flight Patrol track your flights

When you’re on holiday the last thing you want to do is look at the news, check your email or any other dreary task. I am no different, that’s why letting Flight Patrol know your flight details so they can do the checking while you’re jumping in the pool or getting lost in a beautiful market is a hassle-free way to keep on top of things without doing a thing. It will be a huge stress relief allowing you to enjoy your precious holiday time.

If you’ve got any other top tips from your travels let us know below!


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