What's Different about Travelling since Covid-19

14 Jul 20

What’s different about travelling since Covid-19


Life after Covid-19. As we start to look towards the future after the pandemic, we can finally start to book holidays and flights once more. But with how different our world is now, there will also be a lot of change to our beloved holidays.
So here are some of the big differences you can expect in air travel post COVID-19.



With less travel and so many airlines needing to make up the money that they lost during COVID-19, it’s more than likely that flights will become more expensive. Here at Flight Patrol we are definitely seeing more flights returning, however it is still a long way off from 2019 levels. Although you can still find plenty of bargains out there, long term it is highly likely that costs will increase especially for long haul flights outside of Europe, such as Australia. That being said, with less travellers it’s simply the only way most airlines can stay afloat. Increased costs however, doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom. With these changes it’s likely that travel after COVID-19 will mean less weekend European city breaks and longer 2 week holidays to make the increased flight costs worthwhile.



Although temperature checks at airports were already the norm in many countries like China before Coronavirus even existed, we should now all expect to see this as normal wherever we travel to, post COVID-19. When flying, you should now expect to have your temperature taken at various airports. On top of that there are many European countries, such as Austria that will require you to take an on the spot Coronavirus test, or produce documentation showing you have tested negative for Covid-19 within the last four days of your arrival.  On top of that, expect to show more documentation such as accommodation bookings, contact phone numbers and further proof of reasons to travel. It’s important to travel with all information about your holiday printed out and ready to show border control and expect a much longer wait as they carry out more diligent checks.


Quieter holiday spots

The upside of air travel becoming more expensive and increased testing is that many tourist destinations will be much quieter. Recently we’ve all seen the photos of absolutely rammed beaches across the UK and some parts of Europe. But with people taking less holidays after COVID-19, many tourist hotspots will be significantly quieter this summer and autumn. With most people going from two big holidays a year to just the one, we will be seeing less busy beaches and tourist hotspots. The reduction in travellers will mean a quieter, more enjoyable and relaxing holiday and give those who are travelling an even better holiday to enjoy.


Flight cancellations

Another important difference to factor in the uncertainty we are facing now. When you book flights and holidays it is more important than ever to understand your travel rights and that the flights you book are certainly not guaranteed to go ahead as planned. Staying up to date with your flight information as well as any updates regarding COVID-19 in your holiday destination is crucial now. As we all adjust to the new normal after COVID-19, it’s typical to worry and wonder how life will go on. Like all Europeans, we take our holidays very seriously and the threat to our much needed breaks can feel like a massive let down. Although things are different now, they are not gone. Despite these big changes air travel and foreign holidays are returning to our lives and so are our much needed holidays.


If you decide to book a flight – submit your flight details on our Flight Patroller page and we will monitor your flight as you travel. Should you experience any sort of delay, we will inform you of your travel rights.


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Author: Gaia Fenn @Flightpatrol