Is it Safe to Travel During COVID-19? What airlines are doing to ensure your safety.

15 Jun 20

Is it Safe to Fly During COVID-19?

There’s no denying that COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we are all living now. The impact has been immense, and as we all continue to do our best to protect our most vulnerable people, airlines and governments across the world are announcing new guidelines for passengers who wish to fly during Covid-19. Although parts of the world are still not safe to travel and other countries such as New Zealand and Australia are shut to outside visitors, Europe and large parts of Asia are starting to reopen again as we start to enter a new phase of what it means to live after a pandemic. As we enter summer and Europe’s busiest flying period, the urge to finally get back out into the world is becoming stronger. As we get back out into the world it’s important to know the guidelines and precautions for air travel coming into effect across Europe and the world so that we can all stay safe and prevent further spreading of Coronavirus.


The last few months have seen great upheaval and change to the way we travel and live, air travel is no different. With weeks of cancelled flights, and ongoing COVID-19 concerns it can feel daunting to get back out flying again. Although it’s hard to say exactly when it is safe to fly again, it’s important to know that airlines are doing their utmost to protect us at this time.


What You Can Do To Be More Safe When You Fly During Covid-19


1. Check your destinations guidelines


It’s vital to check the rules and guidelines laid out by your destination country’s government. You don’t want to only find out about any isolation rules on arrival. Or worse, not know at all and face serious fines. Taking the time to get prepared before you fly can save a lot of stress once you’re traveling.


2. Follow the rules


Staying safe when you fly during COVID-19 means following the rules. Flying during Coronavirus can be a scary thought, however airlines across the globe are enforcing new safety measures and rules to protect us all. Airlines will be requiring all passengers and staff to wear face masks at all times. In line with WHOs guidelines it is also recommended to take the precautionary step of wearing a face mask whilst at the airport as well. It is also important to know that social distancing rules must be adhered to whilst traveling with boarding gates now being fully contactless across Europe. Additionally, various countries are now enforcing body temperature checks on all people passing through their airports.


Addional Airline Precautions

On top of following the guidelines and rules, airlines are now introducing further safety precautions. Every other check in machine will be open, to keep social distancing rules and service desks will now have transparent screens to keep everyone safe. In addition, Lufthansa and several other airlines across the globe are implementing stronger air filtration services to reduce risks too. But what if someone you’re on a 5-hour flight with has COVID-19? Again, this is yet another concern that is being rigorously addressed by airlines. Planes are being equipped with specially adapted safety kits to be used by flight attendants if any passenger is suspected of being positive for the virus. They will also be isolated from the rest of the plane to reduce the risk of more passengers becoming ill.

Here at Flight Patrol we take your travel rights seriously and understand the concerns many have about flying at this time. We are continuing to watch the situation as the world reopens and finds a new kind of normal that keeps us safe. As global awareness about how to keep safe during a pandemic has rapidly increased, so has airline precautions. Remember to check government travel advice and follow the new rules and precautions to help keep all of us safe.


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