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Ultimate Guide to Claiming Vueling Flight Delay Compensation

The popular Spanish airlines connects Europe to North Africa and the Middle East, flying to many of their city airports. It offers affordable travel to their customers within and outside of Europe. However, Vueling passengers do experience delays and cancellations. If this has happened to you, keep reading.

Vueling Flight Delay Compensation

This is Flight Patrol’s guide on flight claims, which includes what you can be entitled to under the EU Regulations EC 261/2004. In this guide we will explain what you can claim for if you were to experience a flight disruption and what you can do about it.

Vueling Cancelled Flights Claims

A flight cancellation can be out of the airline controls however, in some cases airlines can be the blame for these cancellations. When experiencing your cancellation, Vueling has to follow a law that highlights how they must provide passengers with either a full refund or an alternative flight.

Additionally, you could be owed compensation. This would depend on when you found out about the cancellation and if it was avoidable. The total sum you could get depends on the date you found out of the cancellation, the flight distance and the delay between getting to your final destination in comparison to the scheduled arrival time. The maximum that could be awarded is up to €600.

Vueling Delayed Flights Claims

Airlines sometimes have to delay their flights, for example if there were air traffic control restrictions. This would be unclaimable as it outside of the airlines control and this would be called an extraordinary circumstance. On the other hand, if the delay was Vuelings fault then you could be entitled to up to €600 under EU Regulation 261. To be entitled, your flight had to be delayed an excess of 3 hours.

Vueling Denied Boarding Claims

An individual can be denied boarding for many reasons; many of these are because of the passengers and would be classed as unclaimable. Occasionally, it can be due to Vueling overbooking a flight. If this has happened to you, request a Denied Boarding Certificate as you could be owed up to €600 in compensation.

The airline could offer you something in return if you have voluntarily surrendered your seat when the aircraft is overbooked. However, this could be less valuable than what you could actually gain if you were denied boarding in accordance with EU Regulations 261. It is worth noting that if you were to accept the offer by the airline then, you will no longer be able to claim under the EU Regulation.

Vueling Missed Connection Claims

Passengers may miss a connecting flight if the first flight was disrupted. This is called a missed connection and it would be Vuelings responsibility to get you to your final destination. Depending on the length of the delay between getting to your final destination in comparison to scheduled time, you could be owed up to €600 in compensation.

Check with Flight Patrol now to see if you could be eligible. We are experts at flight claims and can provide you with an accurate calculation on how much you claim is worth.

How to Claim Vueling flight delay compensation

Vueling is an EU airline which means that all of their flights in the last 6 years are covered by the EU Regulations EC 261/2004.  Unfortunately, when claiming directly with Vueling they will likely ignore your claim. However, companies like Flight Patrol have the knowledge and resources to help you with your claim and to get a successful outcome. With our help you can get the compensation you deserve by allowing us to act on your behalf. At Flight Patrol we work on a no-win, no-fee basis which will cover legal fees if your claim was to go to court.

How much can I claim from Vueling

What you are entitled to depends on the distance of your flight and the length of the delay, in accordance with EU Regulations 261. For example, if your flight was from Manchester to Spain, you could only claim €250. Whereas if the flight was from Manchester to Turkey then eligible to claim €400; if you were travelling from Manchester to the Gambia you could be entitled up to €600.

If you are unable to find out the distance of your flight then Flight Patrol has a free flight checker and this can help you to see how much your claim is valued at.

How Long do Vueling Take to Pay Compensation Claims

When claiming with Vueling and other airlines they could possibly ignore your claim. This is something that we as a business we can deal with as we have legal partners that can help us to process the claim to court. Also, airlines are more likely to respond to our claims within 8-12 weeks as we are a claiming agency. If the airline doesn’t respond then legal action will be taken and under the EU Regulation they will have to pay out the compensation if we can win them at court which we do the majoirty of the time..

2-hour Vueling delay

If your flight was delayed over 2 hours and the distance of your flight is less than 1,500km but not the excess of 3 hours then unfortunately you won’t be eligible for compensation however the airline does still have a duty of care, you are either entitled 2 phones/ email / faxes and meal vouchers and this is stated under the EU Regulations.

3-hour Vueling delay

When your flight has been delayed over the excess of 3 hours, you could be entitled to compensation up to €400 but this will depend on the distance of the flight such as between 1,500km and 3,500km. Also you still will be entitled together two phone call/ email/ faxes and voucher for a meal or refreshment.

4-hour Vueling delay

If your flight was delayed over 4 hours you could be eligible for compensation however, your flight must be over a distance of 3,500km and then you could be entitled up to €600. As already mentioned you will still be entitled for the airline duty of care meaning that you can either have 2 phone calls/ email/ faxes and a meal voucher.

Vueling Refund/Cancellation Policy

The term and conditions policy of Vueling, once you have booked your flight you won’t be able to cancel your flight, and this is the same for a refund. Meanwhile, if you are unable to attend your flight you can change the date and time at an additional cost or change the name of the ticket holder.

Vueling flight compensation weather

Was your flight disrupted because of the weather? In most cases, if your flight was delayed due to weather conditions it is most unlikely that you will eligible to claim as this is marked as an extraordinary circumstance under the EU Regulations EC 261/2004.  Meanwhile, if they were little snowfall and this disrupted your flight you, you could be eligible for compensation as this is something that the airline should have been prepared for.

Vueling flight compensation technical fault

Was your flight disrupted because of a technical fault? Well you could be able to claim compensation as this is due to the airlines upkeep to make use that your flight is ready to depart on time. Under the EU Regulation you could be entitled up to €600 per passenger. Nevertheless, airlines such as Vueling would try and cover these kinds of issues such as saying that the weather caused them to disrupted your flight when however, it was up to the airline to make sure that their aircraft was ready to fly out.

Vueling flight compensation strikes

Vueling flight compensation extraordinary circumstances

Extraordinary circumstances are something that the airline is not responsible for the problems with the flight. Some of these problems could be a bird strike and this is when the bird hits the aircraft causing a hazard for the aircraft. Another example is there is a passenger that could be a danger to others therefore this could cause a disruption for the aircraft.

At Flight Patrol we have a free flight checker that can help you with your flight to see if your eligible or you could call us on  0161 808 0050, and you will be able to speak to one of the staff that can guide you on whether your flight is eligible for compensation.

Vueling flight compensation vouchers

Under the EU Regulations every airline has a duty of care to carry out with their customers. Vueling may offer you vouchers when your flight has been disrupted, these vouchers are more than likely to be less value if you were to claim for the monetary compensation. But, if you were to accept the vouchers then this is a final settlement for your compensation under the EU Regulation EC 261/2004.

Vueling flight delay letter template

When writing a letter directly to the airline, you need to include some key information such as why are you claiming? So, for example your flight was delayed and the reason for it (if known).  Moreover, you may need to provide you’re booking confirmation to show that you travelled on this flight and identification for Data Protection.

Vueling ignoring the delay compensation claim

When claiming with Vueling and other airlines they don’t have a specified time to respond to your claim therefore it can result in that the airline does ignore your claim. There is an alternative as you could go to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) where you can put your claim through.

However, as an individual you are not solely able to commence legal action, at Flight Patrol we are able to commence legal action on your behalf on a no win, no fee agreement. To learn more on this you can call us on 0161 808 0050 and you can advise on any questions you have.

Vueling Expenses Claim Form

As previously said airlines have a duty of care to provide to their customers and if they fail to do so, with all the essentials expenses that occur when travelling, such as meals, accommodation, travelling costs like taxis to the airport etc. You will be able to claim back these expenses through Vueling website.


Backing up your claim

To give your claim the best chance of success, check with the airline regarding exactly what caused the delay. Collect any evidence you can, such as flight documents, photos and receipts, keep any paperwork given to you by the airline. A successful outcome can depend heavily on evidence – particularly if the flight took place (or didn’t, as the case may have been) a few years back.

Ask the airline staff what you can claim for – both there and then and later on – and make a note of any details you’re given, plus staff names, times and dates. If you can, take contact details of the airline’s other passengers in the same situation.

You may be able to claim as much as €600. This varies according to the distance you flew, or should have flown, with different rates applying to short, medium and long haul flights, as follows.

What you can claim at the airport

For short haul flights, you can claim from 2 hours’ delay or more. The airline should cover the cost of food and drinks, and of 2 phone calls, emails or faxes. For medium haul flights, the  delay time from which you can claim increases to 3 hours, and then 4 hours for long haul flights.

For longer delays of 5 hours plus, you have a right to refuse to board a flight that is delayed by over 5 hours, in which case the airline must refund you or offer alternative transportation. 

In the case of a flight being delayed until the next day, the airline must provide overnight accommodation, as well as transfers to and from the airport. Make sure you get any promised services put down in writing and keep a copy. Sometimes, it is not always possible for the airline to provide all of their passengers accommodation in the case of a widespread disruption. If you find yourself paying for your own accommodation, keep all of your receipts and this should be reimbursed by the airline.

How Flight Patrol can help

Claiming flight delay compensation from Vueling is easier when you know how. Our experience means we can secure what passengers are entitled to, with a minimum amount of fuss. We will claim on your behalf, we have an experienced team of claims experts and we will secure your compensation without causing you any stress or hassle.

If you claim yourself, you could find that it takes a lot of time. You may even struggle to get anywhere, simply because you have little experience in dealing with such claims. The process could therefore be stressful and energy-sapping, as well as time-consuming, and you may need to do a lot of research to make any headway at all. Your chances of success will sadly be limited by the fact that you are not familiar with this process. Passengers complain that the process takes up time, requires experience, is stressful and has a low chance of success.

If we claim on your behalf, we can reach a conclusion professionally, simply and swiftly. We can offer a highly experienced team, a stress-free experience and, most importantly, a high chance of success with your claim.

Your rights when delayed with Vueling Airlines

  • According to EU law up to €600 compensation
  • Regardless of the ticket price
  • Flights up to 6 years old
  • When the flight was delayed at least 3 hours, cancelled or overbooked

Tips and Tricks when delayed with Vueling Airlines

  • Confirm the reason for the delay with the airline
  • Collect proof: photos, receipts of expenses, vouchers etc
  • Insist on your basic rights and services at the airport
  • Exchange contact information with other passengers

How to claim against Vueling Airlines

  • Enter your flight details into our calculator
  • Enter details of replacement flights (if any)
  • Enter details of fellow passengers
  • Leave the rest to us!
  • Short Distance

    Short Distance


    Up to 1500km

    (e.g. London - Edinburgh)

  • Medium Distance

    Medium Distance


    Up to 3500km

    (e.g. London - Athens)

  • Long Distance

    Long Distance


    From 3500km

    (e.g. London - Tokyo)



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