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Important information about easyJet

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easyJet began operation in 1995 and quickly became one of the biggest low-cost airlines. Travelling to over 30 countries, it has more than 300 aircrafts allowing passengers to get to their destination at a fair cost. With so many flights, easyJet does on occasion face flight disruptions.

Here at Flight Patrol we can guide you on how to claim if your flight is delayed or cancelled with easyJet. We will explain your rights and how we can help you.

easyJet Flight Delay Compensation

As of 2004, customers of easyJet could claim against their airline for compensation if they faced a delay of three hours or more, a cancellation or if they were denied boarding due to overbooking.

This was due to the EU Regulation EC: 261, protecting customers of EU airlines, or flights departing from the EU. easyJet passengers who have faced delays could be eligible for a compensation sum of up to €600 for their disruption; although, this is dependent on the duration of the delay and distance travelled.

easyJet Cancelled Flights Claims

An airline may have to cancel a flight for a valid reason, such as adverse weather condition which is out of the airlines control. However, when it is avoidable, such as airline crew strikes, passengers should be entitled to claim up to €600.

If the flight is cancelled, all passengers are entitled to a full refund or a rerouting to your destination. If this causes a significant delay, you could be entitled to claim additional flight compensation. Although, if the flight cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances, easyJet will only be lawfully made to cover refunds or the rerouting of your flight.

easyJet Delayed Flights Claims 

If your easyJet flight has been delayed, you might be entitled to a maximum of €600. If the delay exceeds 5 hours, you will be offered a refund whereby you can then arrange an alternative flight.

If the flight delays are due to an extraordinary circumstance, such as fuelling issues at the airport, you would not be eligible for a compensation claim as it is out of the airline’s control.

If you are delayed with easJet, check with us at Flight Patrol to see what you are entitled to.

easyJet Denied Boarding Claims

Passengers of a flight might be denied boarding upon their arrival at the check-in desk. A common reason for this is due to the overbooking of a flight.

In this occasion, or if easyJet is unable to provide you with a reason as to why you have been denied boarding, it is their responsibility to arrange alternative travel arrangements.

If the delay of arrival times between your original flight and the alternative flight is over three hours, you could be entitled to a flight compensation claim.

easyJet Missed Connection Claims

In accordance with EU Regulation 261, if an easyJet flight cancellation or delay means that you miss your connection, you might be able to claim. This is available if you arrive at your final destination more than three hours later than expected.

The compensation claim amount is dependent on the distance travelled. For longer flights, such as between London and Canada, the claim value is up to €600. Whereas for shorter distances, between London and Turkey, the maximum you could be entitled to is €400.

How to Claim easyJet Flight Delay Compensation 

easyJet is an EU-based airline, so all their flights must comply with the EU Regulation 261. While you can claim directly with easyJet, the forms are hard to understand and often result in a smaller than expected compensation sum.  Going through Flight Patrol will make the claiming process less complicated.

easyJet will process their claims within 28 days of receiving the claims. However, airlines will often ignore or reject claims of compensation from their passengers.

If you pursue your claim with Flight Patrol, we will check the eligibility of your claim, calculate how much you are owed and fight for your compensation. If needed, we will take the airline to court for your deserved compensation at no extra costs to you.

How Much Can I Claim From easyJet 

In accordance with the EU Regulation 261, EU offers flight claim compensation for flights delayed by 3 hours or more. Although, the amount you claim is dependent on the total flight distance. Claim amount:

·        Up to €250 for flights of 1,500km or less, e.g. London to Paris

·        Up to €400 for Europe to Europe flights of more than 1,500km e.g. London to Turkey a or all other flights between 1,500 and 3,500km e.g. London to Marrakech

·        Up to €600 for all other easyJet flights e.g. London to Singapore.

We can easily check how much compensation you are owed and work to get it for you.

How Long do easyJet Take to Pay Compensation Claim 

In their policies, easyJet states that their compensation claims will be processed within 28 days. However, like most airlines, easyJet will often find ways to delay the process. Therefore, going through a claiming agency, like Flight Patrol, is the preferred option.

We will not allow easyJet to mess you around; Flight Patrol can normally get you payment within 8 weeks.

2-hour easyJet delay 

Unfortunately, you can only claim flight compensation for delays exceeding three hours. Although, you are entitled to two phone calls, emails and faxes under certain distances. If the distance travelled is less than 1,500 km, easyJet should offer you a reasonable amount of food and drink or restaurant vouchers.

3-hour easyJet delay

If your flight was delayed between 3 to 4 hours and was under 1,500km, the maximum compensation due is €250. Although if it was over 1,500km, you could be entitled to €400.

Furthermore, you are also entitled to two phone calls, emails or faxes and a reasonable amount of food and drink if your flight was under 3,500km.

4-hour easyJet delay 

If your easyJet flight has been delayed by four hours or more and the flight distance was over 3,500km, you could claim up to €600. Additionally, you will be entitled to the same care and assistance as you would on a 2-4-hour delay.

easyJet Refund/Cancellation Policy

If easyJet must cancel your booking, you will be offered a full refund or an alternative flight/holiday. If the cancellation is because of something avoidable, such as technical difficulties, then you may be entitled to compensation.

If it is beyond their control, then easyJet will not offer you compensation. However, you will be offered a full refund or an alternative flight/holiday.

The best way to check easyJet’s refund and cancellation policy is to check here.

easyJet Flight Compensation in Bad Weather 

Weather conditions may, or may not, be classed as an extraordinary circumstance. For example, if there were freak weather conditions and other airlines are also unable to take off, the airline will argue against paying compensation as it was something they could not control.

The airline may claim they were delayed or cancelled due to bad weather and argue an extraordinary circumstance. Although, this may not be the case and you may still be eligible for compensation. On these occasions, the claim may have to go to court. We would deal with this with our expert legal team and claim on your behalf.

easyJet Flight Compensation Technical Fault

Until 2014, airlines would claim technical faults are classed as a technical fault. However, due to an incredible court case, flights disrupted by a technical fault are eligible for flight compensation if the disruption was over three hours.

Despite this, easyJet may still cite technical faults as an extraordinary circumstance and get away with not paying your rightful compensation. Flight Patrol knows the law is on your side and we can help you in this situation.

easyJet Flight Compensation for Strikes or Industrial Action 

There are certain strikes whereby easyJet would have to pay compensation if there was a flight disruption of over three hours. However, in some circumstances, easyJet would not be liable for compensation

If the company could have controlled the strike, such as an internal strike amongst easyJet staff, the airline would have to pay compensation. In other cases, for example, airport staff strike, they would not.

easyJet Flight Compensation in Extraordinary Circumstances 

easyJet, along with other airlines, has a variety of flight delay policies that state that certain extraordinary circumstances can exempt them from paying compensation, such as Air Traffic Control. Other examples include:

  • Natural disasters

  • Act of terrorism

  • Medical emergency landing.

Despite this, if you can prove that the circumstance is not extraordinary, then you may be able to claim compensation. In these times, Flight Patrol can help you with the investigation into the reason for the disruption. We will help you determine if your claim is valid.

What to do if easyJet Offer Vouchers

In accordance with the European Regulation 261, easyJet must compensate cash, through a bank, cheques or a signed agreement of a travel voucher. However, we recommend that you do not accept travel vouchers. This is because they often do not represent what you could claim with us.

Furthermore, accepting vouchers implies that you have accepted your compensation; this may prevent you from being able to claim your compensation and any expenses during your ordeal.

Instead, your best way to get compensation is telling your airline you would like to pursue a claim and contact us at Flight Patrol.

easyJet Flight Delay Letter Template 

easyJet does have a claim form on their website which you can use. Although, when claiming directly a letter can back up your claim with evidence and increase their response time. What to include:

  • Nature of complaint, such as a cancellation

  • Flight number, departure airport, arrival airport and date

  • Scheduled arrival time and actual arrival time

  • List of passengers travelling with you

  • How much you wish to claim for including expenses e.g. food and drink.

If you claim through Flight Patrol, we will write and submit this letter ourselves to increase your chance to claim compensation.

What to do if easyJet ignore a Compensation Claim

While easyJet should respond to all compensation claims within 28 days, it isn’t always done. In this case, you could take your claim higher to the Civil Aviation Authority through an online form or issue court proceedings yourself.

Although, if you come through Flight Patrol, our legal team will handle this. If needed, we can issue court proceedings at no extra charge to you, other than our agreed price. We have a 99% success rate and we will not waste your time. Just enter your details and we will take care of the rest.

easyJet Expenses Claim Form 

If you were delayed for an excess of 2 hours and had expenses, you claim these back via a claim form on easyJet’s website.

  • A reasonable amount of food and drink

  • Two phone calls, emails or faxes

  • Hotel accommodation and transportation if you have to stay overnight.

Keeping your receipts and attaching them to your claim form is the best way to get these compensated.

Contact the Flight Patrol team for a no-win, no-fee consultation against easyJet.

Your rights when delayed with easyJet

  • According to EU law up to €600 compensation
  • Regardless of the ticket price
  • Flights up to 6 years old
  • When the flight was delayed at least 3 hours, cancelled or overbooked

Tips and Tricks when delayed with easyJet

  • Confirm the reason for the delay with the airline
  • Collect proof: photos, receipts of expenses, vouchers etc
  • Insist on your basic rights and services at the airport
  • Exchange contact information with other passengers

How to claim against easyJet

  • Enter your flight details into our calculator
  • Enter details of replacement flights (if any)
  • Enter details of fellow passengers
  • Leave the rest to us!
  • Short Distance

    Short Distance


    Up to 1500km

    (e.g. London - Edinburgh)

  • Medium Distance

    Medium Distance


    Up to 3500km

    (e.g. London - Athens)

  • Long Distance

    Long Distance


    From 3500km

    (e.g. London - Tokyo)



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