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Important information about Delta Air Lines
Delta Plane

This is a major American airline with a long-standing reputation. Delta, and companies working alongside, handle over 15,000 daily flights. It flies extensively to 304 destinations, across 52 countries over 6 continents.

By 1997, Delta was the first airline to board over 100 million passengers in one year. Since then, the airline has only grown. Its largest hub is in Atlanta, as well as its headquarters, and has over 1,000 daily departures from Atlanta alone. Equally impressive, Delta employs over 80,000 individuals to aid the running of the airline. Its grand fleet now flies more than 180 million customers annually.

Through the years, Delta has invested billions of dollars to improve facilities, products, services and technology. It wishes to enhance customer experiences both in the air and on the ground. Its success can be seen by the sheer numbers of passengers that regularly fly with Delta Airline.

Despite this, not every flight is a success. If your flight did not arrive at your airport on time, or not at all, you could be eligible for a flight claim. If you’ve flown with Delta and you are faced with these issues then, in accordance with EU law, you could be eligible to claim against the airline.

  • Short Distance

    Short Distance


    Up to 1500km

    (e.g. London - Edinburgh)

  • Medium Distance

    Medium Distance


    Up to 3500km

    (e.g. London - Athens)

  • Long Distance

    Long Distance


    From 3500km

    (e.g. London - Tokyo)



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