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Important information about Air India
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With the headquarters situated in New Delhi, the Indian flag-carrier is a government-owned enterprise. The airline was founded by J.R.D. Tata and was originally named Tata Air Services to be then labelled Tata Airlines; it was he, Mr Tati, who flew its first single-engine aeroplane carrying airmail. After the World War II it became a public limited company, renamed Air India.

This airline has many achievements. This includes the fact that it was the first Asian airline to enter the Jet Age; furthermore, Air India was the first to come an all-jet airline.

Beyond India’s 69 destinations, it also flies to 37 international destinations spanning across four continents. With so many places to go, Air India faces delays and cancellations on occasion. However, you should not suffer because of the airline. If faced with these flight issues, you may be entitled to compensation as according to EU law. Check now today.

  • Short Distance

    Short Distance


    Up to 1500km

    (e.g. London - Edinburgh)

  • Medium Distance

    Medium Distance


    Up to 3500km

    (e.g. London - Athens)

  • Long Distance

    Long Distance


    From 3500km

    (e.g. London - Tokyo)



Don’t take any excuses! Vouchers for food or hotels don’t negate the airline’s responsibility to pay your compensation

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