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About Us

About us

Disruptions to flights are an everyday problem suffered by airline passengers often causing stress and anxiety and costing both time and money. Still, just because these delays and cancellations are common, it doesn’t mean you have to accept them or be out of pocket. As a passenger of a disrupted flight, you could be entitled to claim compensation for up to €600 for your troubles.

At Flight Patrol, it’s our continuing mission to educate airline passengers on their right to make a flight compensation claim, and to facilitate the process of applying to airlines for cash compensation, making it a stress-free and simple experience.

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We are here to educate travellers on their rights

Although millions of passengers across the globe are entitled to flight compensation, only a small percentage fully comprehend what they are eligible to claim for. By knowing your passenger rights, you will be equipped with the facts of your entitlement before you make your claim.

In 2004, the EC 261 EU law was created to protect and compensate passengers who suffered airline delays. This powerful piece of legislation demands that airlines pay compensation to their passengers for flight cancellations , lengthy, flight delays and in other situations where boarding is denied. Those passengers on flights that fit the necessary requirements are entitled, under the EC 261 EU law, to payments of up to €600 in compensation for flights that are severely delayed.

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