A Spotlight on Manchester Airport

28 Apr 21

Manchester Airport is truly the global gateway to the North of England, hosting 60 airlines that fly to over 200 destinations. Let’s take a closer look at this northern airport from humble beginnings to future developments.


Where it all began

The humble beginnings of Manchester Airport is worlds away from the modern structure we know today. Manchester Airport was originally Ringway Airport when it opened to passengers in June 1938. However, during the war this airport officially became RAF Ringway where it was used as an aircraft manufacturing centre and parachute training hub.

By 1947, after the airport returned to charting passenger flights, the number of passengers passing through tripled to 34,000 which led to major expansions of the terminal facilities using converted wartime buildings. The growth and development of Manchester Airport didn’t stop there, by 1954 the airport was operating 24-hours, had extended the main runway and reached its 1 millionth passenger since the war.


Ongoing developments

Manchester International Airport is a part of the prestigious Manchester Airport Group (MAG) alongside London Stansted and East Midlands. These airports serve almost 42 million passengers each year, with Manchester Airport being the busiest. Currently, this northern airport sees an average of 29.4 million passengers each year making it the third busiest airport in the UK and the busiest airport outside of London.

But what does this mean for you? MAG allows the development of the airports which will see more runways and even better facilities for passengers particularly as Manchester Airport continues to grow in numbers of passengers.


Wildlife preservation

Most passengers would be unaware of the lengths Manchester Airport goes to protect the wildlife that surround it’s grounds. Just outside of the airport grounds are 3 bat barns, a mammal tunnel and badger setts. Additionally, there are around 92 ponds that are full of amphibian wildlife, all in the effort to protect and preserve the local wildlife. The airport continues to find new ways to protect the animal, recently partnered up to join the Cheshire Region Otter Biodiversity Action Plan to build artificial otter holt on the edge of the airport that will provide a safe habitat for the animals.


A royal connection

Manchester Airport has had a long connection with the royal family. In fact, most major openings have been conducted by a member. In 1972 following a £2.7 million renovation the late Duke of Edinburgh opened the new Terminal 1. This seemingly began a royal tradition, with the Duke returning in 1993 to open Terminal 2 alongside the official opening of the Manchester Airport station. Prince Phillip isn’t the only royal to have connections with this airport. In fact, in May 1989 Terminal A (which we now know was Terminal 3) was opened by Diana, Princess of Wales.


Award winning airport

This airport is undoubtedly one of the best in the UK, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Manchester Airport has won prestigious industry recognition for customer service, and is the current holder of the title “Best UK Airport”. In fact, this airport has been a five time winner of the Globe Travel awards, voted for by travel agents across the country.

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