10 Things to Pack for Your Last Minute Break

22 Oct 20


Let’s start with the most obvious item to pack! The World Health Organisation has advised people to wear a cloth face covering when out in public to help prevent the spread of the disease, this includes while travelling. Step aside single-use face masks, we strongly advise carrying a number of reusable face masks for your trip. Not only does this reduce the amount of masks you will be carrying, it also reduces the amount of waste you will be producing. For those extra fashionable travellers, we recommend packing matching masks for your outfits, whether that’s a casual mask for the day and something extra special for the evening. Make certain that your nose and mouths can comfortably be covered with your mask. 


Travel laundry detergent

Travel laundry detergent is always a good item to pack for your trip. If you’re carrying a reusable mask then travel laundry detergent is essential, those hotel soaps aren’t enough to maintain the cleanliness of your mask. Trust us reusable masks and travel laundry detergent are a match made in heaven! Remember to soak your masks in a sink full of water and scrub with laundry detergent, wring out the excess water and hang to dry… it’s as easy as that. 


Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is more useful than ever before. We recommend always carrying a hand sanitizer that is 60% alcohol to make it most effective.  You will come into contact with a lot of different germs on surfaces while travelling, regular use of hand sanitizer will keep your hands clean. Make sure you are washing your hands where possible. 


Disinfectant wipes

Similar to the hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes are crucial whilst travelling during a pandemic. Did you know that you can remove the virus from surfaces by using an effective disinfectant wipe? We recommend you wipe down your seat and surrounding areas on the plane before take-off. Make sure you keep a pack of disinfectant wipes in your hand luggage/carry on, and have some extras in your suitcase. 



Tissues are great to have on hand during the pandemic, particularly when you’re travelling. Make sure you use them to sneeze or cough into and avoid using your hands. Other useful uses of tissues include using them to pick up or touch items that tend to be covered in bacteria such as hotel remotes or airplane entertainment systems. 


Portable charger

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a dead phone while you’re travelling. Phone batteries are more of a struggle during COVID-19, with more people being hesitant to let you borrow their phone or charger and no one wanting to use a germ-ridden public phone. To prevent having an issue of no battery, it’s important to always carry a fully charged portable charger with you. 


A phone sanitizer

Phone sanitizers have become increasingly popular throughout the year. Did you know that your phone is a hotspot for bacteria to breed? Just think of all the places that you’ve put it down! If you’re regularly cleaning your hands, then you’ll need to regularly clean your phone. You can purchase a travel phone sanitizer that will use UV radiation to clean your device in a few minutes. This can be used on your keys, bank card, watches or any coins that you might be carrying too! 


Reusable cutlery 

You can never be too careful about what utensils you are using on your trip. Reusable cutlery is not only more hygienic but also reduces the amount of plastic waste produced by disposable cutlery. It’s always a great idea to carry your own utensils in your bag for use at restaurants, street food and on the plane. 


Water bottle

Avoid using public water fountains at all costs by carrying your own water bottle. We recommend carrying a collapsible reusable water bottle that can be easily tucked into your bag. Reusable bottles are a great way to remember to stay hydrated, reduce the use of plastic bottles and are more hygienic. Pro tip- if you’re wanting to carry your own water onto the plan, carry an empty bottle in your hand luggage and fill it with water once you have passed through security. 



A travel thermometer is the best way to keep tabs on your temperature while you’re away. Remember the average human temperature is between 36.5°C to 37°C, make sure you regularly monitor your temperature. We recommend keeping a note of this on your phone to check for any changes. If your temperature exceeds 37.8C or greater this is regarded as fever and you may have to isolate. Please note other COVID symptoms include shortness of breath, coughing and a sore throat.

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